Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who Wantsh a Kish?

I .HATE. pressure. bandage. It is itchy, smelly, sticky, and harbouring Swine flu,... maybe.....well...chocolate pudding for sure which also makes it slightly hauteur couture, no?

Bottom Feeder (with pu bah rights) insists it remains on until Monday the 25th, on which date I can assure you it will have already moved on to greener pastures and taken half of my face with it. What has GOT to be growing under there? *shudder!*
How many of you guys suffered this nuisance? I wanted to compare the puffage from all angles, OoH is that a bruise there? And All I GET Is The 'Yo Mumma!' Face, the one that inspires that joke about the kid on the back of his dad's motorbike....Slow down daddy....

I've been having a time getting blogger the work and post the last couple of days, and that frustration in combination with drugs = not much posting. I'm done the narcotics and am just crushing up Tylenol. Honestly, I'm not noticing a lot of difference in the pain front. I have had very little acute pain. It really is the constant 'Discomfort' that begs distraction. I've had a couple teary moment where those jaws are just aching, like a targeted ear ache, but combined with Strep throat swallowing issues, cold/flue stuffy/aches, tired. It's at these times I remind myself:

  • This could hurt SO much more, enjoy the mediocrity
  • I can "drink'" from a cup and felt my lips from the get-go: COOL!
  • Nose stopped dripping by day 3-4. Sounds gross, but melting my way through the clot (with peroxide, without dis logging it) so I could always breath if I'd just freak less and sit still. The nurse who showed me this deserves pudding
  • I have This Man to make me fresh soup! And Chocolate Pudding (a day before technically"allowed") That's the only time I've used the zip n'Squeeze and did it pack away a family pudding like no tomorrow~ YUM !

So, I'm doing dandy! I'm SOBER :) Wait a minute, If I'm off the drugs now......

Just joking. I'm trying to smile at you in the pics, but the lip are in danger of popping. Seriously, I miss being able to talk much. Jonathan can understand me and I can make myself heard but this takes LOTS of works and ends up with achy jaw. Playing around with ice and heat now, not for any advantage over comfort and just praying for my throat to go back to normal.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the IV bruises from where no IV "technically"' existed. Always fun

Love you Guys :)

Junk: Still whining the throat
Assess: So Much more worth giving thanks for
Wow: Off to marvel more flowers :)


  1. Hmmm, your update didn't show up on my blog. I'm glad to hear you are doing okay. I was getting worried when I noticed you hadn't posted in a while.I can't imagine how irritating that bandage must be on your chin!! Well, it will be off soon. What is it for anyway?
    Aren't the lips great? Mine are almost back to normal and I kinda miss my pouty lips. lol
    It's pretty frustrating not being able to talk normally. I can understand that. I was trying to order some pintos and cheese at Taco Bell the other day and the lady could NOT understand me. I had to write it down. Do you have a splint also?
    It sounds like you are doing great and keeping a positive attitude! Yay!

  2. Yay, a new post! I miss you not talking much but I know it's temporary! I can't imagine how annoying the bandage must be. (shudder!) Ron says "hey" and thinks you look great considering the dumb face phase. We laughed so hard at that Kat!!!!!!! Enjoy the sunshine but beaware that you don't want a "chinless-tan" when you're out. You though bikini lines were bad!!!!!!!!!! Love ya. EEK

  3. oh i can soooo relate. i hate not talking. and i hate that when i try to talk, it makes me ache. but i agree, it could be so much worse. i've just had a few teary moments of frustration when breathing/eating is difficult. other than that, i think i'm tolerating this pretty well. how are you brushing your teeth? or are you? i haven't found a good way to make that happen.

  4. Hey hun! Sounds like it's all going swimmingly so far... I never had a pressure bandage, what the hell are they for???

    Those lips are spectacular too. Mine swelled a little and I was a bit gutted when they disappeared, women pay good money for a set like that!! :)

    I know what you mean about the talking... I was so hyper in the hospital I was jabbering away, then paid the price... It will get so much easier though as time goes on...


  5. I think there is a movie with the title "Kiss me Kate", otherwise you would be the perfect candidate for the role. Sorry couldn't resist. :-)

    It sounds like you have a good husband to help you out.

    As for the pressure bandage on your chin the only explanation I can see, is if they also operated on your chin. I have only seen a few other people with that kind of bandage.

    Good luck on a speedy recovery.

  6. Your post are great!!!! Glad you are doing well and the chin thing is coming off soon. You will be talking in no time. Bless ya. : )

  7. Hurray! I see your ladybug neck pillow in the first picture - so cute! Your swelling is pretty fantastic.

    Only a few more days until the dreaded pressure bandage comes off. You'll get there!!

    Thinking about you...

  8. Hi Kate, you don't look bad at all for someone who's just gone through jaw surgery. In fact, if I didn't know better I'd say that overzealous use of the botox needle was to blame :)

    Still, good to see you're making youself at home over there on the other side, so chin up (if it's not too painful!) The hardest part will soon be over!

  9. Hey Catherine! Thanks for the posts! I was wondering if you were up to blogging yet! Heal fast and stay zen! ~ Connie

  10. Well at least the surgery is done right? You'll be glad you did it! I feel your pain on the hunger front. Watered down instant mashed potatoes are the best for that if you can have them. I am convinced they expand more in your stomach. Take care. And I did have that nasty gross bandage. It took like a week to get all the glue off. I wore mine for nine days maybe. Longer than I needed to. That is def one of the grossest parts isn't it? It will all be over soon!!!!

  11. Look at those lips!! HA!I Feel bad now for not keeping up with your blog. Your so entertaining! Hey, at least you still looked cute while all busted up. ;)