Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Otherwise known as Surgically Acquired -Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I can not stay focused on anything for any period of time. Sitting still is next to impossible without the sparkle and allure of bright shiny objects being dangled in front of my face:

The last couple of days have been SO much better. This is where I get to experience that roller coaster thingy....Weeeeeee! You know, that stage where you're feeling better so you just keep going? I started eating ice cream Saturday night and the world became a happy place again. I finally had a laugh strong enough to rip the last surgical hook from being embedded in my cheek so a joke doesn't hurt anymore. Talking got easier so I yakkety-yakkety-yakkety......."wow, is that a bird over there?! Ooooh pretty flowers? What, who's on the phone? Let's go shopping! Anymore ice cream? Tell me a story! Pardon did you say something? Ooooh lalalalalalala!...... "No wonder my jaw feels tired...

Really, my brain is everywhere. I sit down to write and it's hard to focus. I forget how to spell. Reading more than the instant gravy instructions has been out of the question. And no, I'm not on anything other than the occasional Tylenol.

Yes Steph! I DID get that bandage taken off yesterday and it is a wonderful feeling of freedom indeed! I admit there was a momentary tummy flip when I first stood up though; psychologically like that comfort blanket was being ripped off. Weird. Got over that :) Do you have any idea how much nail polish remover burns on skin that's been stretched and air deprived for 10 days? Ouch! but it got most of the glue off.

My swelling has gone down significantly, but there's still a way's to go~ It's common to be lopsided and it would seem the bulbousness favours my right. My nose is most certainly more turny-uppy but I am not upset about anything in this regard. Um, it's way too early for any of that :) . The swelling WILL eventually all go away, even if it takes months, and things WILL keep settling. Get a load of that skin, though, really. Sheesh, between the steroids during surgery and the stretching and the lounging...It is really ticked off.

Had a great check up with the SawMaster yesterday. I'm a 'Superstar' (his word, not mine) and he seemed quite impressed with how things are healing. And he found NO creamed corn hiding in my incisions whatsoever...... Actually it was amazing in that when I sheepishly mentioned 'eating' such foods all he said was, "I'm Italian, I understand the importance of eating!" SO if I can swallow it, I'm allowed to eat it! I've since had a can of alphagetti, mashed potatoes and gravy, and even more creamed corn, legally. My bite is bang on and have a 'Fred' guiding elastic on either side to support it.
After riding the high for a couple of days, I've kind of settled back down to a more 'normal' place. Kids returned home from the inlaws & My mom came on Sunday to stay for the week so it remains unknown who will be the biggest pain to look after. I hear the big money's on me.....

Anyhow I'm doing okay. Uncomfortable but hardly miserable. Sleep is fairly evasive and I'm tired, but I'm not a complete zombie. I still can't focus well and have a tendency to wander around and want to do more than I ought, but I suppose it's better to have 'duct-tape-you-to-a-chair' threats hurled at you than feel like it did a couple days ago. It's just weird not to be the one 'doing'. Moms are supposed to push past it, aren't they?

Finally, (for now anyways ~you've been warned!), Thank you SO much for all the positive reinforcement, encouragement, prayers etc. I will be replying to comments in the near future. Nearer than you think now that I've been Duct taped to this chair.....

Junk: Restless, impatient phase commencing

Assess: Impressed I've always remembered the second 's' in assess

Wow: All those other bloggers are right~Mashed Potatoes & Gravy REALLY tastes like REAL food!


  1. LOL ~ Your posts are so funny. :) I can relate to the talking. I don't think I've ever talked so much in my life. I'm glad to hear everything is well. You look cute as a button!! My skin is still ticked off also. I'm sure it'll settle down soon. Glad to hear you are feeling much better!

  2. You look so... NORMAL!! Still a tiny bit of swelling(and I'm sure you're huffing right now and thinking "I'm still SO swollen!") but really, if you'd never showed us a picture prior to this one we probably couldn't REALLY tell. YAHOO!! And your nose is adorable!

    And the bandage is off! (nail polish remove?! seriously!?) And you can breathe!! And you can eat!! I'm so glad for you. Hopefully sleep becomes easier (are you still in the recliner?) and the swelling continues to go down quickly. :)

  3. Can I just say... You look wonderful. =)

  4. It's still bugging you, Aimee? I can't get over just how bad the skin is... Surgeon blames it on the steroids. All I know is it's ITCHY too! I think free facial should be a bonus 1 month following any jaw procedure. Can I hear an amen?!

    Oh yeah, Steph, stung like crazy and made me loopier than the morphine (until I opened the window...) It's Sawbones who told me that was really the only thing that would do it. So that's what I did, lol, and followed up with enough moisturizer to block everyone in blogland's pores. Yep, still in the recliner, though I dreampt of diving face first into a bed made of steak the other night....

    Holly, it's so good to 'see' you still around! I was telling my mom to call me Horton as I look like a 'who' and then started laughing, remembering your commenting the same way & went back to chuckle over your post where you posed for it and everything! Lol - sigh - the things that stick.... When are you going to blog again? Miss you :)

    Thanks for all saying, ladies, but you're definitely nuts at this stage of the game 'cause helllooo! Soooo swollen still!*Ptttthhhbbbb* (is that how you make sticking tongue out noise? I can't remember and can't double check, harhar)

  5. You do look great. Glad you are doing better. I totally understand the focus thing. I am still having a hard time with that.

    I love your post. They are so funny. : ) Have you written a book yet???

  6. LOVE the profile! and what a cute nose! my nose is more upturned, too. i like it, i think it is more feminine.

    funny thing, my friends are calling my Cindy Loo Who from the Dr. Seuss books! I guess we all look a little elvish or something.

    Seriously though, you look great. I'm still in the recliner, too. Scared to lay down and have the swelling worsen!

  7. Oh no Rita! So you get the focus thing? Rather annoying and I joke about wearing my wipe board on a string around my neck to write down whatever task I'm trying to accomplish for reminders.... but STILL?! Arggh!

    Sjp, (aka: Cindy Loo haha) I've always had a bit ot turny-upness... I'm counting on that it'll still settle down a bit... I hope!

  8. As your sis I can definately see you are really swollen still. BUT I'm totally wowed by how much it's gone down. Lovin' the Brumwell genes for that baby! Glad to hear you're talking again. There's been this weird stillness in the air. lol (like I should talk). Will brave the gatekeeper that is our Mom and hear for myself. If you're good to go at the time of course :-)

  9. AnonymousMay 27, 2009

    ahhh, you look so cute! Amazing how big a difference 2 days can make. I understand the duct tape remark-I was up cleaning windows the day after I got home from a hysterectomy. I hate to sit around!! Can you give me some food suggestions for the first few days after surgery? I need to stock up-1 week to go before the big day!

  10. AnonymousMay 27, 2009

    Kate, you're pictures look great. I can't believe the huge difference in just three days. I sure hope mine goes down like that in a few days. My face is giant right now. How does your chin feel? They ended up putting an implant in mine, and it feels a bit strange when I move my face a certain way. I haven't seen it yet because it's all bandaged up, but the Doc told me I should be able to take the bandage off in a day or two. It's itching like crazy under there. And the really wierd (not complaining) thing is I can feel a bit of my lower lip and chin. Do you have any feeling back yet? Talk to you soon! Your pics are beautiful :)


  11. I love your blog you make me laugh (or attempt to) soo much. Yes I was completely wired but today dr. removed the two wires of the front and put in elastics but the molars are still wired..yessssss that subway sandwich omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 more weeks!

  12. PS: you look great yesss! to taking that huge bandaid on your cheek!

  13. AnonymousMay 28, 2009

    You don't look that puffy I think, all things considered!
    Hurrah about the itchy bandage being off. Also I'm glad you get to enjoy mash and gravy - the best food in the entire world. :-)

  14. Hiya! Good to know you're feeling better post-operation Jigsaw. So...do colors seem brighter? Do the songs sound sweeter? :)

    Seriously, thanks for the update. I should go on a water/juice for a week and then have a Mashed Potato/Gravy shake. Maybe I'll get a sense of how satisfying that is!

  15. You have a face! It came through! Isn't it funny when the swelling goes down and you're like "There you are gorgeous. I've been looking for you." Give it two more weeks and you'll be shocked. I can't wait to follow your progress.

  16. Okay... husband of Kate! Let her out of the chair! Enough duct tape!

    :-D Hehe. Hope you're doing well!! Thinking about you!