Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blowing Bubbles

In case you were wondering, my skin is still plagued with the curse of delayed adolesence. (That or poor lifestyle habits.... but that's neither here nor there.)

Today was another mundane Ortho adjustment that, shock-of-shocks, was yet more snappity-snap! elastic wrangling to continue addressing that which I prefer remain nameless for this post. ( i'm going the reverse psychology route. Perhaps denying it a name will rob it of power?) Replaced the powerchain configuration & added a new band back to the next molar back to try and keep thing moving.

What's interesting is how my bite has changed in the >10 hours since the appointment. The visible underbite discrepancy is much smaller all of a sudden; hardly any space between the top & bottom teeth. Mind you I can't bite all the way down now, either so it's hard to be very accurate.

My guess: lower arch was expanded as all were ordered to "pull your shoulders back and stand up straight!" (don't forget the nameless thing) and the doubling up of bands is now yanking everything back in tight.

What I know: holy twinkies, batman, I'm feeling this one.

And I neglected to suck spit bubbles off my teeth before taking this close-up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Confirmation: Head Not On Straight.

I don't believe I mentioned previous assumptions about a 2 piece Lefort I were bang on?

If you hadn't noticed in the paint-shopped midline pic, I've added this one to further illustrate how my upper jaw isn't an even horizontal plane but on an upward cant to my left (right in picture). This means the upper palate gets 'sawn in twain' as well as the whole thing being removed from my supporting skull. In this way Dr. Sawmaster can lower and rotate each section independent of the other to level this out.

Noooooo, not exactly a$$-backwards..... but proof enough should I ever need an alibi for unclear thought process......

*Sighhhhhh* The latest gap picture. I shouldn't complain actually; it is surely and slowly closing. I'm still mildly annoyed that in spite of the power chain, this space is closing at the peril of new ones opening up on the opposite side. My only comfort is new little spaces should close up faster, Oui?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm throwing my camera across the room and stomping on it as soon as it lands. You'd think, given the high-tech world in which we live, they could produce a camera with a little longevity. But with all the constant additions and upgrades available, I'm assuming these things are programmed to require replacement every other year.

Lack of photo documentation aside, there's not really a whole lot of difference to highlight anyways. The gap is still a gap & still sporting an elastic to span that space. The only addition being that it's attached to a power chain to keep everything else together. (As I pointed out in the previous midline pic, any lessening of said Gap is largely due to spaces opening up elsewhere.)

Yes I'm tardy, tardy, tardy in the updates. I'm trying hard to just ignore the fact that I even have braces and carry on, carrying on in attempt to make time go just a wee bit faster. Picture me running in circles with fingers in my ears singing ~lalalalalalalalala!~ in a complete state of blissful ignorance.

*Sigh* Not working.