Friday, March 13, 2009

Now Accepting Applications~

~For a full-time Administrative Assistant. Applicants must have exemplary phone and scheduling skills, be well versed in the art of bribery and display strong motivational fortitude. Ability to talk someone down off a ledge a must. Serious inquiries only. Broad knowledge of show tunes an asset though not mandatory.

Okay, I have officially completed nailing down and booking all those crazy appointments that have to happen before one sets foot in the OR and my overwhelming observation is, IF it weren't so darn exciting it might seem a tad bit daunting. Heavy emphasis on the 'IF'. Drum roll please:

  • April 2: Complete Physical
  • April 20: Dental Cleaning
  • April 21: Pre-op with Family Doctor
  • May 7: Hospital Pre-Op & Admissions
  • May 7: Surgeon's Clinic and Workup
  • May 13: Surgical Hooks
  • May 15: Um.... I KNOW there's something...

A bit belated perhaps, but the re-consult at the Great One's office was a raging success. We laughed, danced, high-fived,broke into song. Who am I kidding: I marched in, grabbed him by the scruff of his well-pressed shirt, shook him 3 times and a date popped out. Mission accomplished.

The game plan is still a Lefort 1 + Genioplasty, though it's looking like a segmented Lefort is back off the table. Sweet. He'll present the full details and show me projected pictures at the May 7 appointment and I get a knapsack of goodies at that time too, just like Christmas! He's keeping me two nights in the hospital because I'm an out-of-towner. May long weekend in a ward room. The only part I'm not too keen on.

For the first week home my kids will be at my in-laws. Close enough if I want a visit and school can proceed as normal, far enough that their mother's face not inspire nightmares. Hubby is taking the week off to play nurse as he looks darn cute in the outfit and is a sucker for punishment.

The 2nd week, My mom is coming to beg the husband not to leave me, ferry kids to school, be a general wonder woman, and put up with me. It's in the mom job description.

I've had my supply kit assembled for months now, compiled a list of soups to have frozen and at the ready, my overnight bag packed and sitting by the front door. The 'easy' stuff is done and accounted for.

Now for the hard part. I've been using the "I need my date" excuse as a security blanket, shielding me from the biggest goal I want to accomplish before getting hacked in twain. Quit Smoking. Period. Welcome to the first day of a new adventure~ Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

MAY 15!

Well snap, would you look at that?

Right purty don't cha think?

Details to follow. Tonight I'm just absorbing~ a sponge *shprulp!*

Head's UP

I made my weekly call to 'Those Who Run Interference' yesterday, all Sweet & Light as per norm. Did they have a cancellation?

I have an appointment this afternoon at 1:00!

Guess how much sleeping took place last night?

That magic date? I'll know this afternoon...

Of COURSE you'll be the first to know!