Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Take it Back.

Not laying off the caffeine anytime soon, 'cause guess what happens when you're wired on the good stuff?? You get the whole "Chop chop!" thing from my previous post. Uh huh, yep, you bet'cha, yes sir, oh yeah, wouldn't lie to ya. AND I brushed my teeth first.

The GAP; it no longer holds power, not even in it's name because the GAP no longer exists. I'd show you but some moron (namely me) has to charge up the camera. I know. You're disappointed. Hence poor-substitute Clip Art.

I got those molds taken, surgery wires in and was admonished not to hurt anyone with my enthusiasm (Okay, that last part is fabrication of sorts~ he told me not to get too excited yet...spoil sport). I'm allowed to injure innocent bystanders when I get the call from 'His Eminence' confirming our notion that all systems are go.

Given the rapid pace of the GAP's sudden closure, dear Ortho wants everything held stable for 8 weeks irregardless, so it's not like Operation Jigsaw is tomorrow. It DOES mean there's a good chance it'll be this Spring. Lalalalalala~ Doing the (minor victory) happy dance.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Suspense is KILLING Me!

Ever since I stopped calling it for what it is, 'IT' started to close so as IF I'm going to switch things up now. N'uh-uh, Niet, Nada, Nien, No way Jose! Yardstick is Floss!!! Do you here me? FLOSS!!!!
Argh! I'm totally jinxing things by giving way to youthful exuberance when home free has not yet been tagged, but after stalling out for SO long I cannot contain my pleasure. You keep getting gorey close-ups as things look smaller from far away - that perspective thing- and I refuse to cheat in this regard. Lets just say that from regular viewing distance, If I've not blown the spit bubbles out of the way you can't even see a ga~ OOps! that was close~ um, lacuna* exists at all.
SO. The question I need help with is this: Do I NOT brush my teeth for Thursday's Ortho appointment? Leave the gunk for a visual mirage in hopes that he thinks all is done, jumps up clapping "Chopchop! Minions, we must immediately do new records & overnight Fed-Ex to the Great One!! He must be appeased with new bones to render in twain!" ?
Yes, I've GOT to lay off the caffeine.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Game Time: If I Were....I'd Be...

A Plane
... stuck in a holding pattern

A Pond
... stagnant

A Bird
... who cares, but it's wings are clipped

A Truck
... spinning my wheels

An Animal
...definitely a Sloth! Just hanging around, not going anywhere fast. Ha ha, that's a mental picture for you!

Actually, perhaps I should take a cue from Mr Sloth. He doesn't seem too upset to just let it be. Touche!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I THINK I can, I THINK I can...

SOOOO close...and yet sooooo far. I have a bit of difficulty getting the little proxy brush in there now, which seems to be the measure of progress. I'll be excited when that yardstick is floss =)
Don't think I shared the new molds-to-surgeon goal of late March? That's in large part due to not wanting to get my hopes up & holding one's breath for that long is hazardous to the health. I've heard this before. Ortho visit is the end of January and molds are to be taken at the following visit and sent off the the Great One, whose very existence I'm starting to wonder if I dreamt up long, long ago; some random night on a Percocet high.