Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Slight-Of-Hand

So far this week I've had my family physician pow-wow, been officially stamped as wonderfully healthy by both doctor & dentist, had enough blood drawn to fill a moat (and didn't pass out! which is pretty new for me, a chronic blood-related fainter), EKG stickers applied and ripped off like bandaids, peed in various receptacles, had teeth scraped, scaled and baking soda blasted...

Coversation as heard in my house this morning:

"Ow, ow, ow!"

"Are you stretching down there?"

"Feel the BURN!"

"No really, are you okay?"

"I'm trying to get up! Help!"

.....and signed up for a Body Bootcamp. I'm a fairly active person who suffers from lack of self-motivation by times, so I thought I'd give this new class a go. Oh MY! You know when you do something a little different and talk about finding new muscles you didn't know existed? How this is normally restricted to a specific body area depending on that activity?

I posses a whole second body, living within the known one like a parasite. That new-found one hurts. Everywhere. ALOT. But what a hoot~ I can't wait for next week. I can't move but inside I'm all pumped and raring to go!

How is this jaw related? I guess it's not directly associated, except that the nerves are creeping in on occasion and I wanted to channel that adrenaline into a tangible, completely separate outlet. I suppose housework or never-ending laundry would have sufficed, but I have to do that anyways and it just feels like more jaw-surgery prep. I'm doing hot yoga on Saturday, so I can add sweaty pain to the list :)

This week's been busy on the Doctor front though surgery still feels a long way off. The one coming up is fairly quiet~ a calm before the storm. Time to catch my breath before the whirlwind picks up and I'm dumped unceremoniously on "the other side" without warning.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Quartermaster

At this stage of the game there's not a whole lot of juiciness to pass on, just counting "bullets & beans". A few of my dates got changed, but nothing that affects THE date. Ortho was going to do hooks on the 13th (bless them) but Grand Pu bah wants them on for our May 7th pow-wow ~ so hooks on the 6th it is. I'm to the point this doesn't bother me, though the tale might digress somewhat if I'm consuming my body weight in wax following installation. Yum.

I have to wait for the goodies in Head Honcho's 'mystery-bag-of-delight', but allow me to share a smattering of my nesting compulsions thus far.

I've decided not to go the zip-n-squeeze route. Perhaps there will be cursing later, but I've practiced with my baster, improvised baby bottles, flexible paper cups and squeeze bottles and think there's enough option & variety to suffice. I've stocked up on all things liquid; from sweet to bland to savoury, thin to thick consistency, to make sure there's no excuse against getting those calories in.

My ipod is full of playlists for evey mood, as is the variety of movies & books at hand. The humidifier is at the ready and juicer well-broken in.

My most substantial purchase? That Lazyboy recliner (OH! so comfy like a hug!) I tried out all kinds of chairs offered as loaners from family and felt like Goldilocks. Couldn't imagine sleeping in them for a night let alone weeks. This one is Juuuuuust right!

My favourite purchase? That ladybug neck pillow, how cute and cheery is that?!

I know all too well from the openness of our fellow bloggers just how unprepared I'll feel with the emotional roller coaster that is jaw surgery. I'm just trying to keep an open mind that it WILL be a roller coaster and will cross those bridges and hurdles as they come. Physical preparedness is not something I want to worry about on top of it all.

I've been studying the supplement options for a while now and was quite impressed by the Vita Medica product that Rita mentioned her surgeon giving her as it has everything I want in one handy program. Figures I can't get it in Canada. So I made note of the dosage recommendations and individually got:

Bromelain and Quercetin (for the swelling- I'm allergic to advil and anti-inflammatory meds), homeopathic Calcium/minerals (for bone support and a form that doesn't build up in your body), Arnica (both topical and internal for bruising) and a liquid multi-vitamin for over all health. In the meantime I'll be switching my regular B complex super vitamin to one that doesn't have vitamin E and will stop juicing ginger root and garlic a couple of weeks prior to surgery due to their blood thinning properties.

Phew! Wasn't that exciting? Hope nobody passed out in a puddle of drool. This is where I'm at for today :)