Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poser? Poseur?

Do not for a second think this face is easy, 'cause it takes a LOT of work to look like this, baby:

No pain no gain. It's the weird stitch pulling sensation, both top and bottom; that almost indescribable tingly burn feeling tugging at both nose and chin from the inside-out that gives me the creebles *shudder*.

This pic is actually quite lovely in what it symbolizes (ahhhh, deep moment), which is the slow but steady demise of Stone Face Syndrome. The mobility being displayed has been rewarded with pudding.

The numbness is now limited directly where bone cuts were made. That's kind of creebley too, as before it was just an over-all throbby, tingly, stone numbness. Now, it's quite specific. For example: On the surface my nose feels touch and I can scrunch & wiggle it. But underneath it all, the foundation my nose sits on? Dead. Very strange to describe. Everything else feels like just before the Novocaine wears off at the dentist.

It's bizarre how time of day makes a HUGE difference to what shape my face takes. Morning and evenings seem to be puffier for the obvious lying down+ more swelling blah-blah reasons, and it's still more dramatic on my right, but there's a sweet spot in the afternoon where time stands still, the birds stop singing and things melt away a little bit more. Today I even have a nose/mouth crease back! Wahoo for wrinkles! The nighttime "botox fairy" will be erasing it again shortly till tomorrow afternoon's teaser.

~Daily Jaw~

Junk: Nocturnal muscle spasms (the knife-in-the-ear kind) do not a good sleep make. Spontaneously teary at times.
Assess: Bit by bit, little by little.....
Wow: Starting to feel more human(e)


  1. I LOVE the way you think AND write! You are hilarious and so accurate in your descriptions! I took some pictures like yours, too. I think the pictures look so much more animated than I actually felt. Stone face is a great name for it, maybe you should take up poker for a while!

    I'm glad you're feeling better. This phase I'm in (and have been for a long while) is annoying. It's the becoming less numb, tingling, feels like I constantly have water up my nose, etc... feeling.

    I love hearing from you!!!! You look so beautiful!!!

  2. Oops, that last comment was me (Elaine). I didn't realize my daughter was signed on this computer!!!! So, not Natti... Mcgee33 aka Elaine!

  3. Hi Kate, looking better and better, keep that face moving! Do you think the worst is now over?

    Assume that horrible chin bandage was to do with the chin job? I'm having one too so that's a pleasure I will have to look forward to!

    So onward to debrace day, and the end of the journey Yaaaaay!

  4. Hey Kate, I can tell your swelling is going down. I know you are happy about that. My swelling is less during midday and the mornings are the worst. But in all, it does get better. You are looking great. : )

  5. AnonymousJune 04, 2009

    Love your new pics! I feel your pain on the burning, tingly creepy feeling..mine just kicked in a few days ago. On the bright side, it means our feeling is coming back! Yay for us!!

  6. Hi Kate!
    Got home from the hospital around 9:30 a.m.--very swollen-huge neck. A little spacy from the meds-makes typing hard :o) The pain wasn't as bad as I expected-expect the worse-hope for the best. I can't talk very well with this stinkin splint in and am drinking from a cup--but can't feel my bottom lip so I hold a napkin under my chin to catch the drippings :) I go to the dr today so he can x-ray and show me how to brush. My hubby goes back to work tomorrow & will leave Saturday for one week for business but I will be ok without him. I'm glad you are feeling better--& you look good-love the little nose :)

  7. Oh WOW CARMEN, welcome home already!!! I have heard the horrors of the splint (SO thankful I didn't have to have one). Good for you on being able to drink from a cup. Yes, it's not always pretty, but it does open up options. You're on your own for the first week?! Is there someone to check in on you? Take good care of yourself, rest as much as you can, get lots of fluids into you and stay on top of your meds for the first few days. Hang on tight, you're going to do just dandy :)

    Haha Elaine, you're just trying out the under-cover option, aren't you.lol. I remember your pictures, you had a whole bunch of fun faces for us and they rock! What do you mean by water up your nose???

    Discantus, you are in for a treat with the bandage, haha. Yes, it's due to the chin~ With the amount of swelling in this surgery, the bandage help control where the swelling poofs and gives extra support during the worst of it... and it itches.... The worst for accute, constant discomfort should be over. I imagine it's the ongoing "not quite right, just want this to be over"'s that will be the hardest to deal with at times.

    Rita (and Elaine again because you're veterans!) I know there's still lingering swelling and other issues to contend with, but are there at least little moments where you don't think about it? Even briefly? AH! Time warp...

  8. Hi Kate~
    I have friends & family I can call, but I don't see why I would need to-I'm pretty independent. (I hate asking for help) At least my husband should be able to tell a difference when he gets home. Yes, this is absolutely no fun--I'm so swollen and disfigured that I won't go outside to take a walk until dark-you women that are walking in the daylight==good for you! I'm too self conscious :) These blogs have been helpful to compare my swelling to others & to see that it does go down eventually even though at the moment it seems like it never will. Good luck!

  9. AnonymousJune 05, 2009

    Hi Kate - great photo's! You're looking fantastic! Keep smiling - or trying to :-)