Friday, June 5, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good

Guess what?... It's been three whole weeks since 'Operation Jigsaw'! Snap, that's hard to believe. There are times a single moment seems an eternity, then you blink and *splat* you've been dumped somewhere in the future and are picking yourself off the ground with a head shake, pondering how the heck you got there. Crazyland.
It's evening now, which is why I can give you a big smile which I have to say I'm pretty impressed with for 3 weeks, mobility-wise. This would be impossible in the morning; the swelling paralyzes the right side of my face. I'll add one in tomorrow for giggles.
Ha, I meant to share a question Mom posed to me before going home: She asked if there was anything I really wanted before she left. For whatever reason, when I replied, "Lick my lips!" She was unable/unwilling to see to my plight. Hmph! Guess that wasn't quite what she had in mind... All the kid chauffeuring, meal-cooking, cookie baking (*whimper*), garden-tending, housekeeping, rant-listening was MORE than enough, thanks Mom ;)
~Daily Jaw~
Junk: Being the "Spontaneously Erupting Human Hive" is ticking me off.
Assess: Thank goodness for Benadryl.
Wow: Awesome day hanging out in the sunshine with El (Sis) at the kids' Bball tourney today!


  1. Time does fly. I know some moments seem to last forever, then two days are gone. In my case, 9 weeks. It's hard to believe!

    You look great and I am glad you are feeling better. I still have morning swelling too but, it is getting better. We will just keep hanging on for this "joyful" ride. LOL Bless ya!!! : )

  2. Dito on the day Friday! I've been trying to keep track of how many times I lick my lips. It's a CRAZY amount! I had no idea. Hopefully soon you'll be able to stick your tongue out a little. And I fully expect the pic here to prove it!

  3. You are looking so awesome Kate!!! I'm trying to post again to see if I will have success! are looking GREAT!!! Love Your New CHIN!!!


  4. worked!!! Yay...I think cause I'm on a PC as my MACBOOK Pro is in the shop. I love the pictures of progress Kate. You can see such a diffenece and you're facial shape is just lovely!! You must be thrilled with the outcome.

    Be patient

  5. Ha, ha Kate. You are right. A mom should do anything. :-)

    Looks like you are doing great. Nice picture of your progress. There is hardly any swelling at all.

  6. You look so great!! I love it. How are you feeling now?

    What are you allergic to? Do you know?

    Thinkin' about you!

  7. AnonymousJune 11, 2009

    Hey Kate, I have a question for you. You had a chin implant right? I had one and I'm worried about infection. I have this throbbing/burning feeling. Have you experienced that? My dr. said when they do the procedure from inside your mouth the chances of infection are greater. (which is how mine was done because they thought they were just doing a basic geneioplasy) I'm really nervous about it. They say if it does get infected, it has to be removed. :( I like my new chin and don't want it removed....not too mention I'm over the whole surgery thing for a while. :( Any advice??? Thanks!'re looking great!

  8. Wow, I am a huge slacker :P
    Thanks for checking in, guys!

    Clarissa~ It WORKED!!!! Wonder why the Mac hates my formatting... good to see you hear, irregardless :)

    Turns out it's LATEX I've developed an allergy to~ sucks royal, but I've now gotten latex free elastics and my mouth feels TONS better, turns out all those sores and burning in there was not all a routine part of surgery, haha, just SOME of it,lol. It could take up to 2 weeks for all the histamine to clear out of my system and rash to completely go away, but since the switch they've stopped flaring in such dramatic fashion. Sucks, but so good to have figured out.

    Katherine, I'm sorry I can't help you with this one as I had genioplasty but no implant, they made my chin smaller, actually. I hope you get you get an answer to put those worries behind you. If it helps any, I do notice throbbing and burning and burning at times around where the cuts were made, though it's less and less all the time. I'd call your Surgeon if it's bothering you, and if your chin gets red and hot to the touch I'd call immediately, as these seem to be most common signs of infection. Hang in there, our own brains can be our worst enemies :)

  9. nice pic,have you headgear too?