Friday, June 12, 2009

The Hungry Frog

Four weeks and feeling pretty good~ I wouldn't say I'm back to my pre-chop self, but it's such a drastic improvement from a couple weeks prior I'm feeling like a million bucks. Odd annoyances are there; stitches poke & pull, braces are annoying as always, wooden numb teeth, cleaning takes hours, when fatigue hits it hits HARD, etc. For the most part I can distract myself to ignore these inconveniences that could otherwise drive one a bit batty. I figure if this is the worst I have to complain about then life is good :)

The only thing that's REALLY gotten to me is the darned allergy thing, which is not only uncomfortable, but makes me rather nervous given I've developed adult allergies to shellfish & NSAIDS which started with hives and now anaphylaxis. Very unnerving.

Anyhow it looks like the culprit is latex! I'm allowed to have the elastics out during the day now, and when I put them back in at night, within 45 minutes I exploded into a rash of itchies all over again. I've now got non-latex band and things are improving wonderfully. (You can still see the rash remnants on my face, but apparently it can take a up to a couple of weeks for the histamine to clear your system)

It's so freeing to have those bands out during the day! At first I was nervous about it, but opening has improved bigtime (2 fingers, now)without even thinking about it and now I can actually and truly BRUSH MY TEETH!!! ALL of them! I'm still quite attached to the glories of my water pick, but the combination leaves me feeling like my mouth is actually CLEAN with nary a fuzzy spot ANYWHERE by the time I'm done. NICE! *Angels singing* The swelling is still slowly sinking. If you didn't know me you wouldn't be able to tell it's there, but I can still feel it deep midface and have a lovely little double chin of puffy if you catch me at the right angle. It' s coming.

I had a horse, 'Snortin' Nort' growing up and he was a strange creature.
He walked around with his neck stretched out, shaking his head at you and clicking his teeth together, the most eery sound; whether in greeting or warning (or both) I could never quite figure out. He scared me a little.
I think I might understand him a bit better now, as I stretch out my neck to hide the double chin, shake the head to check out new angles, and am constantly clicking my teeth together with the joy of teeth that FIT together! So if you see or hear me coming, don't be frightened! That clickety-clicking teeth gnashing is pure bliss!

I've been practicing sticking my tongue out and am proud to say I can now lick my lips! It is slow, often tedious and cautious lip licking but it can be done! (And as requested, I've got the picture to prove it!) Let's just say : Ice Cream mustache is no longer a given but if my sustenance depended on catching flies I would starve.


  1. OK - I am a lurker and have been reading your blog as I prepare for my own orthagnathic surgery to occur on August 10th. I have to say I look forward to your new posts with great enthusiasm. And reading them has given me some idea of what to expect...along with a laugh as your humor and wit is fantastic! Now, I have a question. I am an attorney and will be going back to work 2 to 3 weeks post surgery. What are the prospects of me being able to present a case to grand jury and sound somewhat intelligible. 2 to 3 did you feel "energy wise?"

  2. "are"....humor and wit are fantastic... Should have proofread.

  3. Ooooow! Someone who appreciates grammar, I love it! And thank you :)

    I'll do my best to answer your questions, accompanied by the usual disclaimer *everyone heals differently, blah,blah,blah* but will have to ask you a couple first, if I may, in attempt to be ball-park accurarate. What follows may turn out to be the next great American novel, length-wise, so apologies for extraneous babble.

    The biggies being: Upper jaw, lower or both? and Will you have a splint post surgery?

    Generally speaking, as long as you have no complications I can see going back to work by 3 weeks. You might be wiped by the end of the day, but making sure you've got lots to stay nourished makes a huge impact on energy. This is my experience, anyways.

    Presenting a case with clarity and confidence at this stage could pose a bigger challenge. Try enunciating entire sentences with your teeth clenched tighly together...this will be how you sound on a good day. Now chew up 3 large pieces of Hubba Bubba, wedge it up into the roof of your mouth and speak those sentences again through clenched teeth...That is what you'll sound like with a splint...

    I had no splint and was given permission to remove the elastics holding my yip shut during the day at 3 weeks (*I heart my Surgeon*). Especially when those bands are out, I feel I can now speak normally and am comfortable striking up conversation with strangers again. I also have no pride, haha.

    Energy at 2-3 weeks was feeling much more 'normal', but almost as though everything was exaggerated, in that the highs felt SO good (the sky never more blue, birdies sing more sweetly etc.), and the lows just wiped me flat out.

    I really hope this gives somewhat of an idea to help you plan accordingly, and the disclaimers are by no means meant as a brush off, there are just so very many variables to take into account. I believe I've had a really good recovery compared to many, and just average compared to others. I believe whole-heartedly that getting into (better than I was) physical shape, making myself eat lots post-op, tons of family/ friend support and an over-all optimistic/able to laugh at myself attitude contributed to this. Though it could just be dumb luck ;)

    All the best in your preparations, your August 10 rearrangement and conquering the unknowns of recovery~ Ciao!

  4. Again, I love your post. I am glad you are doing so well. You look great!!!! Blessings to you!!! : )

  5. Ahh--there's Kate--good to see you looking so good & goofy! You are lucky about the splint removal--my dr. confirmed on Friday that "yes" I do have to wear my splint for 6 weeks-even though I told him I DID NOT like it! My hubby keeps saying "huh?" & it is really annoying to have to repeat speech that was hard to produce the 1st time! I just wish my chin would stop tingling, itching, & throbbing--come on full sensation!

  6. Hey Kate! Glad you're doing SO WELL! You look absolutely mahvelous! What a beauty you are. And I love the faces. I can remember making them and the amount of energy it took! Thanks for your post on my blog as well.
    Hugs, Elaine

  7. look great! You even have cheekbones!! I am so jealous. I still have a fat, stoney, swollen face and I am tired of it! It's been 6 weeks already. Your swelling went down so fast. I wonder if it's because of all those facial exercises you are doing. :) Do you think that helps?

  8. I love your blog! I'm having upper and lower jaw surgery on Tuesday, the 16th. I'm a little nervous, but so ready for it to be done.

  9. Latex!!!!! It makes so much sense! I'm glad you're noticing a difference immediately. Kinda scary though I've got to say! Hope you had a fabulous b-day on Friday! (Aren't you glad I don't have excuses to serenade you more often.) I'm starting to see more of you and less of the swelling. Sweet. Talk to you later.

  10. Haha, I appreciated the serenade~ It's not often a girl gets sung to around here anymore ;)

    Carmen~ HOW ARE YOU DOING??????

  11. Hi Kate~ I'm doing good actually, thanks for asking! My bottom lip and chin are still numb, but most of the swelling is gone. I have some lingering in the chin area. Kinda looks like I have a little bit of a chew in :) Today one of my rubber bands broke, which until last night I didn't realize they were attached to 4 teeth in the shape of a rectangle on each side. Last night was the first time I could open my mouth enough to see this-I thought they were just attached on each side to 2 teeth. Good timing I guess. I did manage to put a new one on-mission accomplished! Glad to hear you are doing so well! I so understand the tongue/ice cream moustache remark and love the picture! :)

  12. Ha ha ha i love reading your blogs!!! What a character. There should be more people in this world with your type of personality. Your profile and teeth are looking great! Congrats. Hope the rest of your road isnt "bumpy" :)

  13. I love your pictures. Especially the last two. You look so concentrated while sticking your tongue out. You seem to have recovered with warp-speed. What a mobility.

    I had a check-up with my orthodontist today. They are talking about performing upper jaw surgery as well as the bilateral saggital split. I got a little nervous, but you seem to be doing fine after your upper jaw surgery.

  14. Oh you crack me up lady.