Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breaking the Sound Barrier

It's almost unbelievable how much time has passed since last posting. I say 'almost' as in retrospect, looking over all that has happened since surgery, there is no way to deny that those days have definitely been accounted for.
The slingshot effect. Time slows down as each incident occurs at a snails pace. Waiting. Then, that moment of complete pause, those days immediately following breakage when I swear the clock literally stops. Suckage. Then? Holy snap, you're hurtling head over heals through the air with the force of a rocket launcher; arms and legs flailing wildly trying to ensure when you land it's on both feet. Reality.
Honestly, Ifelt like I'd been carrying on living my life in the buildup to Operation Jigsaw. Yes, it was on my mind. A lot. In hindsight I had NO idea how very all consuming it had become. Normal? I think so. It's a BIG deal! As soon as I got the all clear from dear Surgeon at 4 weeks post-op, I was catapulted from that slingshot back into regular life at such a dizzying pace that, don't hate me, It's not often I even think about surgery at all. Someone I haven't seen in ages will ask how I'm feeling and, apologies, I look at them like they have two heads. What are they talking about? Oh. Thaaaaaat. Normal? I think so. I hope so.
Life is good, my friends. It's crazy, unpredictable, ever-evolving and hectic, but good. Because it's NOT governed by apprehension, discomfort, nerves and WAITING. It's past.
I still loathe getting pics taken. I've come to the conclusion it's not my jaw that makes me a dork in photos, I'm just a dork, haha. This was snapped on holiday last week, one of the few, but at least it shows my profile.
Perhaps I'm weird, but I've not had any strange "who am I" feelings when looking in the mirror. Things puffed and receded and though I'm sure I look a bit different (looking at my new passport pic in comparison to the old threw me momentarily) I was just SOOO thrilled to have jaws that fit together I was preoccupied with joy at this new trick. Click clicking my teeth together at every opportunity to show off my mad skillz. How fast this becomes normal, too, and I click less and less. Just every once in a while like remembering an old pleasantry. Ah, remember when?
I just feel like me.


  1. Kate, you are GORGEOUS!!! What a fantastic haircut on you, and what a great bite! :D

    I'm glad you've healed so well - and it's so good to hear from you. Missed your smiling face, although I completly understand how life happens - especially post jaw surgery :) Hopefully I'll forget all of this soon enough.

    Can I ask... is everything back to "normal" now for you - chewing, range of motion, etc?

    For me, I'm always surprised that pictures don't look bad every time - I still feel like a dork in pictures, but I look, uh, LESS dorky :) It's nice.

  2. you have an AMAZING profile! :) i'm so glad that you're feeling great!

  3. You look great! I am so glad everything went as planned! Love the profile pic!!!

  4. I have been reading your blog in preparation for my upcoming jaw surgery, and it's great - you look great! Thanks for all the helpfull info!
    I do have a question, though, I thought you might help: I have upcoming situation where it looks like I will have to go on a plane (overseas) about 2-3 weeks post op, and I will have to bring w/me my 1.5 y/old baby girl. Do you think that will be possible? I am mostly concern if I will have enough energy to care for her during the flight; or will I be able to pick her up, carry her, etc?
    I would appreciate your throughts and/or advice (or anyones else, for that matter, who reads this and think they can add valuable comments).
    Thanks a lot - Gloria

  5. Thanks Summer and Rita, so good to hear from you ladies :)

    And you too Steph! It's weird, but I feel a bit guilty that it went so smoothly... waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.
    Yes, everything really is back to normal in that department- chewing is better in that I actually have a real bite, lol and ROM is right back where it was (42-48 mm depending on the day). I just have the usual post adjustment complaints that revolve purely around the fact that I'm a 31 year old woman with braces. Sheesh already ;) I do have a couple of numb spots (below lower lip on my right and upper gums on the right) but I've gotten used to it and in interferes not a smidge with my life. Kissing is great again, haha. From this 'dork' to a fellow one, at least we're dorks with banging occlusions, whoooooeee!

    Oh Gloria, first, it's awesome to hear from you thank you for your kind words and all the best for your upcoming surgery!
    Second, PLEASE tell me you have someone travelling with you???? You might be just fine, but in caring for a toddler on top of it all I'd have the exact same concerns that you mentioned. I felt great at 2 -3 weeks, compared to the one before, but wow I was still exhausted by the end of the day. There are folks out there with better stamina than I, but probably more who'd be crying just envisioning your scenario. It's SOOOOO hard to predict how each person is going to do after surgery. I don't know that I can give any advice here, but if you could put off the trip 'til you know how you're feeling, or find a way to have someone help you, that'd be a safer bet. Sorry I can't offer more....
    Do let us know how things go, though, and if anyone else has some advice..... :)

  6. I can only agree with all the others: You look great! And it sounds like you are doing better than ok.

    It is nice to know that life goes on after surgery, and at some point I won't be standing in front of the mirror worrying about my swollen face, braces or teeth.

    Some times I feel like I am living in a bubble. But I think when I go back to work next week and the splint is removed I will start thinking about something else.

    I hope you keep on blogging. Can't wait to see when your braces come off.

  7. Hi Kate! You've been as bad as me with keeping up with your blog. lol
    You look beautiful. I love your new profile. Glad to hear everything went smoothly. Isn't it great to have it behind you?!

  8. Hi, been following your terrific blog as leadup to my upper/lower chop date, which was Dec 16. Thank you for all the honesty and help you gave me in preparation!
    I had the same iv mystery, so I asked. Apparently they like to monitor hemglobin levels during surgery, and that inside wrist spot is a good one, but painful to take from when awake. So they start a line once asleep and take it out when you're coming to.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Penny in Calgary

  9. Thank you SO MUCH for that, Penny, because I never did try to find out, yet the mystery still niggled at me once in a while. Makes perfect sense, and given the discomfort AFTER I'm quite content not to remember it going in haha :) The 16th is just over a week ago... How is everything going ?????

  10. It's going - thanks for asking! I had the same experience in the hospital with my roommate's family staring shamelessly... what's up with that? Christmas was turnaround day - suddenly it seems this isn't torture and I can laugh at life again.
    A question for you: I saw arnica in your pile of goodies - did you take it internally too? I've been using the gel to tone down the yellow tone on my neck/face but wonder what OS would say about ingesting it since he still nixes ibuprofen.

  11. Hey Katherine,

    Thrilled to hear that you're happy with your surgery and your new face! I know how easy it is to forget all about the op once you're in the all clear and life catches up with you again... I can't believe that this time last year my face was the size of a basketball and I was forced to brush my teeth using a baby toothbrush! How surreal it all seems now...

  12. Katherine, Its been so long, it is crazy how time just flies. I just thought Id log in and check up on the ole blogging buddies, hope you are well. Chow!

  13. Katherine, you look beautiful!! From one jaw surgery patient to another! What a huge accomplishment I must say. It is a difficult operation and even more difficult to recover from, at times. You look stunning. Congratulations.

  14. Don't be too hard to yourself Katherine! You are a wonderful person and you should be thankful and proud of that. So what if we ( yes, I include myself) have some jaw problems, we got some dentists to save us. For two years, I'm wearing some invisalign. Chicago based dentists keep me feel and look good.

  15. You look amazing! So glad I found your blog.

    Feel free to check mine out, I am 18 days away from surgery.